Pride - Ka'eo McKeague-Clark
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Waipio valley on the big island of Hawai‘i, a beautiful area full of lore from long ago. While remarkably fertile, it has and still is very difficult to reach. The valley is cut into the Earth, with giant cliffs embracing it on all sides. The legends of the valley range from Maui’s calabash containing the raging winds and storms that whip through every so often, to Nanaue. Nanaue was a man, born from an unusual chief that came from the waters. When he was born, he had a hole in his back, and when he grew into a man, it became the mouth of a shark, for Nanaue was a shapeshifter that would become a man-eating shark and stalk his fellow villagers while they bathed and fished.

I hope this surfer is aware he may have company out there.

From Landscapes