Pride - Ka'eo McKeague-Clark
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This road is the coastal beach road connecting Hawaiian Beaches to Kapoho on the Big Island. I have had more than a few strange and fear-inducing experiences on this road. It's paved now because lava has poured over Kapoho, and this is one of the exits from that area, but before that it was poorly maintained.

Along with my cousins and dad's friends, we used to spend our summers here, fishing for small shore fish and using them as live bait on a much longer flag line that went out for half a mile. My older cousin and I were short on live bait, so one night we drove through the forest down into a spot called Hau Bush. It's an overgrown path down to the ocean, and if it hasn't been accessed recently it's not uncommon to have to cut through some fallen branches with a machete. Sometimes you find people camping near the water, as there is some sand at the end of the drive, but none this night. We began to prepare our poles in the car when the wind picked up and I began to hear something that I had only heard about through old legends, babies... they were crying in the forest behind us.

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